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Booker T on possibly wrestling again, new RAW Talk show, more



WWE Hall of Famer Booker T talked about various topics on the latest edition of “Heated Conversations.” During the show, Booker T commented on the new RAW Talk post-show on the WWE Network. Booker said that it’s a cool show because fans get to see the real side of what Superstars are going through. “It’s easy to talk about nothing, it’s easy to make up something to talk about, but when it’s something that already there, it’s nice to be real,” Booker T said. He added that he recently asked Charlotte Flair on the show about her brother Reid, who passed away a few years ago. Booker T added that it’s stuff that people want to know from their favorite Superstars. “Me, myself, personally I’ve gone through a whole lot, people can talk to me about anything, and I believe I can relate with them in some form of fashion.”

When asked about doing one more match as a member of the Harlem Heat, Booker T said that the only way he would wrestle again is with his brother and thinks that it would be awesome to do, but he thinks he would need a six-month advance to get in shape. “ I wouldn’t mind going back in there for one last match with my brother Stevie Ray, but it’d have to be at Wrestlemania,” Booker T said. He threw out the idea of a possible tag team match with the Headbangers or the Spirit Squad or James Ellsworth.

You can listen to the entire show here.

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