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Booker T on TNA parties: "Dixie Carter seemed like she was living out her MILF’s dream...Dixie was getting busy"

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

This week on Booker T's "Hall Of Fame" podcast, he shares some stories from his time in TNA Wrestling. The WWE Hall Of Famer didn't hold back with his thoughts on his time in TNA and what went on behind-the-scenes.

Here are some highlights:

Booker T was asked why he thought Matt Morgan didn’t become a bigger star: “Matt Morgan checked all the boxes. It seemed like he would have been a staple in the business. It seemed like he would have gone down as one of the great big men. It didn’t happen for him in WWE but it didn’t happen for him in TNA as well. He had a nice little run in TNA. TNA literally tried to make him their big guy, their monster there for a while. I think Matt Morgan did not want it as much as people wanted it for him. I would see Matt Morgan in the back outside smoking a cigarette right before his match. Then he would come in and do his stuff and boom, he was out of there. Maybe it was after the WWE run and that didn't happen for him and he felt a certain way. I don’t know. I’m just saying. It seemed like Matt did not really want it as much as you see a lot of guys who want it in this business.”

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Booker T was asked if Dixie Carter was heavily involved in writing or booking when Booker was in TNA?: “I don’t know what Dixie was doing half the time. I know she was hanging out in the bar hanging out with the boys. When you are hanging out with the boys, the water might get hot. You understand what I’m saying. I don’t know what Dixie was doing but she seemed like she was living out her MILF’s dream. Serious man. Dixie was getting busy. I’m not going to say what she was doing, but Dixie was definitely, how do you say it back in the day? Hot to trot. I don’t know. She had the makeup and everything on. I don’t know how much writing she was doing for the show. This is the real deal. I remember one time Dixie threw a huge party. The celebration was, it was just after the show. There was no real reason to have a party. We are having a party just because the show is over with. Let’s have a party. That’s when I knew, brother, you get your paper, because this ship is going to sink real soon. When the boss starts mingling with the talent, and I don’t know what kind of mingling they were doing. But, when the boss starts hanging around the talent having parties, hanging out and doing that kind of stuff, it’s a bad message and a huge mistake. Business is definitely secondary. You can count how many parties we had for Reality of Wrestling. It’s been here at the house because those two things just don’t go together. Business and pleasure just do not go together. I’m the first one to say Dixie Carter was trying to do one of the greatest things one can do for the boys. Securing guy’s jobs. The company had a chance to do that, but Dixie Carter being in that position and not knowing if she was in shark-infested waters or what type of sharks they were, she just didn’t know that. She didn’t know if it was a great white or one of the sand sharks. She didn’t know. That’s where the mistakes happen I think with TNA, her being one of those people who had a big heart. I’m not saying she was having the parties because she wanted a party. She was having the parties because she wanted to give the guys something. I’m about choking and having fun on the front end, but I think she was trying to do a great thing. It just didn’t work out.”

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