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Booker T on why The Young Bucks didn’t shake his hand several years ago at a WWE tryout

During his latest podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T gave an update on the incident with The Young Bucks not shaking his hand while backstage in WWE during their tryout several years ago:

“The Young Bucks, so I heard about these guys, but I didn’t know them or anything like that. They had a WWE tryout. These two guys were hanging in the hallways. They were kind of off to themselves. I don’t know. It just felt funny. I was getting ready. I was doing the commentating back then. I had my jacket laying over this piece of equipment. I walked by, and one of the Young Bucks was leaning on my jacket. I was like, ‘Hey bro, that’s my jacket right there.’ He goes, ‘Oh, ok.’ I got my jacket and I walked off.

I didn’t realize it, but they were there for a tryout. After I realized it, I said something on one of the podcasts, or our show, or something that these guys didn’t even shake my hand. The next thing you know that it was a big thing going around as far as me not shaking The Young Bucks hand. Then they started throwing a thing online where they wouldn’t shake anybody’s hand. Then they had a thing with RVD where they wouldn’t shake RVD’s hand. I’m like, ‘Man, these guys are taking this thing to another level.’ I couldn’t wait to see them. I wanted to fight the Young Bucks. We ran into each other at an independent show. I’m still a little bit hot. We end up talking. We end up getting back around to what happened in WWE as far as my jacket goes, and they said, “Bro, the reason we didn’t say anything to you is you’re intimidating.”

Booker had Nick and Matt Jackson as his guests a few years ago so obviously, things are good between both sides.

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