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Booker T reacts to The Rock’s comments about him, Zelina Vega’s return to WWE

On a recent episode of “The Hall Of Fame” podcast, Booker T covered some of the recent wrestling news stories and he touched on Zelina Vega’s return and The Rock’s recent comments about him.

Here are some highlights from the show:

Booker thanked The Rock for the kind comments he made last week regarding wishing he could have had a longer program with him:

“That’s cool that The Rock put me over like that. I really appreciate The Rock saying those kind words as far as me being one of the most athletic guys, and pretty much being a damn good worker. I get props like that from a lot of guys like that, like Bret Hart. Bret Hart is one of the guys who said he really enjoyed working with me in WCW.

I really think he enjoyed working with me because there was chemistry. There was intensity. There was a realness about being in the ring with him. So hearing that coming from The Rock, it means a lot, him saying that he wished our feud would have lasted a whole lot longer. In actuality, it should have, me being the guy from WCW coming over, and me always being questioned, The Rock, Booker T, I felt that could have been a six month or a year marriage with the Rock if done properly. The reason why it wasn’t done? I can’t answer that question. I always said when WWF bought WCW, they raised a flag, they planted it, and said, ‘We won this war. It’s over.’

Booker said he is glad to see Zelina Vega back in WWE:

“For me, having someone back like Zelina Vega, somebody who knows how to go out there and make your bells ring, knowing how to make you feel a certain way when you see her walk out to the ring, I think, there again, I don’t think she should have ever gotten a notice or anything like that. I know business is business, but someone like Zelina Vega, you want her on your roster. You want her in that locker room with all the ladies because more importantly, there again, when there’s not a whole lot of them we are highlighting, we know we can highlight Zelina Vega, and we can get some numbers there. No doubt. I’ve seen the Instagram photos because she’s always posting. Just that alone. She’s got a great following.”

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