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Booker T says an old school wrestler was one of the zombies at WWE WrestleMania Backlash

On the latest Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T gave his thoughts on WrestleMania Backlash, UFC 262, and he spoke about the passing of New Jack. Here are some highlights:

Booker T gave his thoughts on the Zombie Lumberjack Match between Damian Priest and The Miz at the WrestleMania Backlash show:

“I look at it like this.  It’s like doing a commercial.  We are doing something for a movie, and we do it live.  Take for instance, the movie, The Wrestler.  We actually had to shoot a scene at the show.  It might have been that deathmatch that Mickey Rourke was in.  I don’t actually think Mickey Rourke was at that ROH show just to be on it.  But, we needed the audience.  We needed the ambiance to make everything right.  I’m all down for getting a check and tying it into my product, my show here.  We don’t know how much more money is going to be dished out for things later getting closer.  Batista made some money, perhaps as well, doing the voice over kicking the show off.”

Booker talking said one of the zombies was not an NXT trainee:

“One of them was an old school wrestler from back in the day, but I’m not going to disclose who he was. If he hasn’t disclosed himself, I’m not going to disclose it. The guy that  I’m talking about was in the hallway and he said, ‘Hey Booker, I’m a big fan of yours.’ I go, ‘Yeah, right.’ The thing is, I wouldn’t have known who he was if someone hadn’t said it earlier and told me such and such was there at the show.”

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