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Booker T says he has no respect for Ryback and he would say it to his face



During his Hall Of Fame podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T commented on Ryback's now-deleted tweet about Vince McMahon and his late mother.

Booker said the following about Ryback:

"When you're talking about somebody that you don't know, that right there for me is taking it to another level [saying] something just personally just outright stupid, nasty, however you want to call it. My thing is too [he 's] looking for somebody to blame. Okay, I have no problem or personal issues with Ryback or anything like that but I'm not someone that hides up under a rock or anything or that's afraid to tackle a situation like this one right here. My thing is this. Ryback didn't make it in the WWE, right? That's a fact, he didn't make it in the WWE."

Booker then asked what Ryback did before WWE and co-host Brad Gilmore said that he was discovered on Tough Enough. Booker said, "Did he do anything on the independent scene or anywhere relevant enough to where he should have been treated any differently than anybody else that came through WWE's program? I mean, me personally, I don't know anywhere that he's been. As well as after WWE, where has Ryback gone and done something anywhere else to where he's been relevant enough to where we could say 'Ryback, man he should have been a big star man, maybe they should have gave him a bigger chance.' A lot of these guys like Drew McIntyre have fell down and picked themselves up and went out there and reinvented themselves because at that point in time, it didn't work out. But they didn't go around crying forever about not making it in a company. And me personally, that's what I look at this as more than anything. Crying. Go and make it somewhere in the business anywhere to where a company looks at you and says, 'Man, this is the guy that we want to push' other than crying about WWE. If I cried about going to prison every five minutes and how the system didn't give me a chance. Man, I can only imagine where I would be at. I mean, that's just so much wasted time this guy is putting himself through. It's amazing. You know what I mean? Like I said, go and do something somewhere and then someone might second guess and say maybe they did the wrong thing by letting this guy go. Then again, going out and talking about this company, it's gonna be hard for any other companies to want to even deal with you because they may think, 'Man this guy may do the same thing about us if we happen to let him go.' So it's just like, someone cutting his nose off to spite his face. It makes no sense as far as I'm concerned."

Booker then talked about Ryback's decision to delete his tweet, despite saying that he stands by what he said:

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"Deleting it says a whole lot about you. You should have left it up if that's the way you really felt. But you're gonna have to perhaps get a job one day and somebody may just happen to read that tweet about you talking about someone's mother, who you have never met before or had any interactions with before in your life, but you have formed an opinion about her in the most negative way. Do we want to have anything to do with a person like that? That's the question he's going to be dealing with for the rest of his life. Whenever he goes anywhere, to do anything with anybody. And that's just fact."

Booker also questioned why he legally changed his name from Ryan Reeves to Ryback and said he has no respect for him:

"Why would he even want to have any memory of WWE and want to carry a name like Ryback if you feel so negative about what this company has done to you. That right there says a whole lot as far as I'm concerned. Me personally, I don't have a whole lot of respect for someone like that, you know, me personally. If I'm gonna say something like that, about someone, I have to really despise them and it's not going to be because of a work issue or anything like that or because I didn't get a push or anything like that. But a person that says something like that, I just do not have a whole lot of respect for him. The thing is, if I saw him in his face, I'll tell him, 'I don't have a lot of respect for you at all, if any.' Seriously, that's just the type of person I am. I do know if I ever was to run across Ryback ever again in any form, he would not be receiving a handshake from me and me saying, 'Hey, what's up Ryback.' Ryback is on the list as far as I'm concerned."

Gilmore said he doesn't know if Ryback is going through some personal issues or something else is going on but there's no excuse to put out that kind of tweet. Booker then joked that maybe Ryback's NBA team wasn't winning in the playoffs.

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