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Booker T Talks Change To Elimination Chamber Number 1 Contender Match

WWE Hall of Famer and WWE Backstage co-host Booker T recently commented on the Universal Championship situation on his Hall Of Fame podcast with Brad Gilmore.

Booker T on Goldberg vs Roman Reigns

Booker was asked by a fan how he felt about Roman Reigns appearing on SmackDown and issuing the challenge to Goldberg for the Universal Title match. Originally, local markets for Elimination Chamber were advertising that there would be a Number 1 contenders match for the bout. These local ads are always subject to change, but it did appear as though this would be the plan originally. With a 6 man Elimination Chamber match confirming Goldberg’s WrestleMania opponent.

Elimination Chamber

“My thing is this. Of course we could have waited to the Elimination Chamber” Booker T began. “People go ‘man Book always got…he’s always kissing ass.’ But I’m telling you like it is, right. We could have waited to the Elimination Chamber, but people always crying also man. You know, ‘when are they gonna make THE match?'”

Build To The Match – Booker T

Booker T would then allude to the fact that WWE would sometimes build to a World title match just a month away from WrestleMania. “I mean, ‘they’re doing it a month before! They making this big match a month before there’s no build up or anything now.’ We bypassed that, when we made the match. And the thing is, it’s the match that everybody wants to see. I don’t think we need to have a precursor. I don’t think we need to have a match, you know, at the Chamber before we get to WrestleMania.”

Booker T

Spear vs Spear

The former 5 time WCW Champion also lauded the in-built drama behind Goldberg vs Roman Reigns. “That’s a ready made match. Spear versus spear. Old lion versus young lion. That’s what this is right here, the passing of the torch, or not. So, I like this matchup. The way it is. The way it was made. Of course, you know Elimination Chamber. There’s a whole lot of other bells and whistles going on at the Chamber, and I’m telling you right now, you’re gonna love it.”

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