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Booker T thinks it will be hard for Chad Gable to get over because fans think of Kurt Angle

Booker T and Brad Gilmore covered all of the big wrestling news of the week (and some boxing) on the latest episode of “The Hall Of Fame” podcast. You can see some transcribed highlights below and scroll down to watch the entire show.

Here are the highlights:

Booker T gave his opinion on the name changes of Matt Riddle to Riddle and Shorty G back to Chad Gable and if he minded when WWE changed his name from Booker T to King Booker: “I thought for me at that time, with that gimmick, it was perfect for me to be King Booker because it sounds royal. It sounds more fitting for the role. King Booker T makes me feel like I should have had the same old music coming out.  So for me, it worked perfectly fine. With Matt Riddle or Short G, I don’t see it hurting those guys. Matt Riddle of course is something he has been branding for a long time as far as who he is. Matt Riddle, everybody knows in professional wrestling when they think Matt Riddle, they think of the shootfighter guy, the MMA guy. My thing is this. When you are trying to create a gimmick and trying to get some catchphrases, trying to think about doing a promo, this could be a way to tap him into being able to go out and deliver a promo on a weekly basis just from the Riddle perspective. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want anybody to say I am criticizing Chad Gable or anything like that  Chad Gable is so good in the ring. He can go out and perform at a very high level. The one thing I think is his Achilles heel is he is like a salmon working upstream following Kurt Angle. It’s hard to watch him go out and do Kurt Angle because that’s what you think about when you watch him perform. You think about Kurt Angle. It’s the first thing that comes to mind. It’s so hard to see the two being the same just because of what Kurt brought to the game and how Kurt delivered in such a short amount of time. Kurt put about 25 years in about 10 years. It’s so hard for Gable, I think, working that suplex style in the shoes, in the shadows of Kurt Angle. I think it’s hard for him, but can the kid work his way out of it? That’s yet to be seen.”

Booker T was asked his thoughts on a possible Roman Reigns-Rock match at WrestleMania: “That would be money across the board.  People will buy it just because the story is there. The thing is, I always talk about making a comparison to the Rock being that same guy who is going to play in one game in the season and find himself in the Super Bowl. I always used to tell those young guys that were complaining back in the day, for example, the Rock would come back and headline the PPV, I would always say, you have to understand who the draw is and what the people are really coming to see. When you have someone like that, you need to study them literally like on a daily basis. You need to figure out what they are doing to try to get to that point and then you have to appreciate it. We always used to say that on a sold-out house, the guy that was in the main event, ‘hey bro, thanks for the house’ because that money is going to trickle down and we are all going to get a pretty big check, especially if you were working with them.  So when a guy like The Rock comes back, revenue goes up. You should embrace that more than anything. So I can see that match happening and it would be a great storyline.”

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