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On the latest "Hall Of Fame" podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer had a lot of thoughts on the reports saying that William Regal is done with AEW and going back to WWE. Booker said the following about the news:

"Some people say it was a three year contract, it was a month by month, day by day. Some people said there was an out clause. I don't know anything about that. But I do think it's cool that William Regal is going to be able to go back and continue his work that he was doing in NXT because I thought William Regal was perfect as General Manager in NXT. He was a guy that was able to really control that thing and he had that authority figure feel that you go, 'I can listen to this guy. I can look at this guy as being the general, the president, or whatnot.’ I'm just glad he's gonna get a chance to go back and finish his work.”

“I understand exactly what William Regal perhaps may have felt, maybe, and I say that because a lot of people talk about AEW and people talk about the style AEW, people talking about the wrestling style, the in-ring, the out of ring antics, you know, the social media world that they live in, as well over there. William Regal aint’ none of that. William Regal has never done one dive. William Regal has never done one thing where he had to throw caution to the wind. Not once. So William Regal, being in AEW watching that, I'm sure he's wondering what the hell is going on and what has happened to the business that he grew up watching as well as being a part of. Now I can be wrong. I can be 100% wrong, but he had to feel like he was on another damn planet being in that wrestling company.”

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