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Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion to launch 'Sherri Martel Classic'



During an interview on the Battleground podcast, Booker T said that he is going to have a ‘Sherri Martel Classic’ coming up in his Reality of Wrestling promotion. Sherri is one of the all-time great female wrestlers and one of the underrated wrestling managers of the 80s and 90s.

“Sherri was definitely well before her time as far as females in professional wrestling, being able to go out there and do it the way she did," Booker said. "She would throw caution to the wind. She was really, really great at psychology as well. She was a real worker. I know for myself, I always put her on a pedestal, on a mantle so high just because she was Harlem Heat’s, what I call, legitimizer.

Booker continued, "I don’t think we would have been what we were and who we were without Sister Sherri being right there. So many times we tore it up, burned it up, and left it in chaos. People would want to kill us. There were so many great times. She would definitely be proud of the groundwork that she put down as far as what we’re seeing right now with the ladies going out there doing it the way they are. I’m definitely going to create a ‘Sherri Martel Classic’ with Reality of Wrestling sometime very, very soon, so be on the lookout for that.”

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Booker went on to say, "She was the best, but Sherri had her issues. She had her demons. That’s what we talk to young people about today as far as it's out there. You got to be real. That’s why I put my story out there, ‘From Prison to Promise.’ I don’t want anybody to think I’m perfect. I don’t want anybody to think that they can’t make mistakes and then overcome those mistakes and become great. They got to know it. They got to know the truth. That’s what Sherri was all about. I was there with her all the way ‘till the end. She was definitely truly one of the great managers of all time, if not, the greatest manager in the history of the business.”

In September, Booker T announced that his Reality of Wrestling promotion signed a distribution deal that will cover nearly 50 markets nationwide.

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