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Botched spot by Nia Jax is what led to WWE banning the buckle bomb

The decision to ban the buckle bomb was discussed on Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Radio by Dave Meltzer and Garrett Gonzalez.

As previously noted, the buckle bomb was officially added to the list of banned moves along with moves like the piledriver. Meltzer said that the ban came after Nia Jax botched a spot on Raw a couple of weeks ago with Kairi Sane. For those of you that missed it, Jax fell short on tossing Sane into the corner of the ring and it looked like she came close to seriously injuring her. You can click here to see the reckless looking spot. Jax actually used the clip on social media to try to garner heat for herself.

Meltzer noted that there was talk of banning the move even before Jax’s botch during the match with Sane because that is the same move that caused Sting’s neck issues that forced him to retire.

“There were people who were wanting it banned before [the Jax botch],” Meltzer said. “It was one of those things where there were people against [the move] and when that thing happened, it was kind of like that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and then Vince banned it.”

Jax wrestled Sane at the Raw tapings that will air tomorrow night and Sane was busted open during the match but it’s not clear yet if that was Jax or Sane’s fault.


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