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Bound For Glory results: Ken Shamrock defeated Eddie Edwards via submission

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Eddie Edwards and Ken Shamrock faced off at the Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Shamrock had Sami Callihan in his corner.

The first few minutes consisted of MMA moves and holds. Late in the match, Edwards hit a sit-down powerbomb but Shamrock countered into an arm submission. Moments later, Edwards hit a Backpack Stunner but Shamrock no-sold it and the locked in a sleeper hold but Edwards broke free with a headbutt.

Edwards eventually locked in the Boston Crab and he had the match won but the lights went out and Callihan appeared in the ring with the baseball bat but Edwards pulled out a kendo stick and he used it to knock Callihan out of the ring. Shamrock recovered and hit a belly to belly suplex, followed by the ankle lock. Edwards tapped out so Shamrock won.

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