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Boxing promoter Bob Arum confirms talks with WWE about potentially holding events at Performance Center

Boxing promoter Bob Arum had expressed interest in talking with WWE about potential holding events in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center.

Just two weeks ago, Arum had discussed this possibility. This came after WWE in addition to all pro wrestling, MMA, boxing, and other sporting leagues being deemed an essential business by the Governor of Florida.

The only requirements were that the events would have to take place without fans in attendance and the leagues had to have a national audience (television deal). Most states have things on lockdown including sporting events due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Arum has previously acknowledged his close relationship with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. In fact, the two promoters just did business when Arum’s fighter Tyson Fury worked the Crown Jewel event by wrestling Braun Strowman last year.

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ESPN’s Ariel Helwani had the chance to talk with Arum about his discussion with WWE. While Arum has talked with WWE, he would like to have the events be held closer to the headquarters of the promotion that is located in Nevada.

“Remember, WWE is an exhibition...we did talk to them, but hopefully working with the California and Nevada commissions, it’s not going to be necessary. Obviously, for us, the best place to do these events without spectators is in Nevada where our company is located. We have a gym that’s available for fighters to train. Our staff is there. Don’t have to travel, that’s another problem. We would prefer Nevada or California.”