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Boy Meets World star Ethan Suplee reacts to Vader's passing

vader and frankie

Pro wrestling fans remember Vader as the Mastodon. Leon White was a mountain of a man who performed feats way out of the scope of any other big man at the time. He was also capable of helping someone cash in on an insurance policy due to his capabilities of destruction and ring domination.

Vader's passing sent shockwaves through the pro wrestling world but the man who sadly never had a chance to enjoy his day in the WWE Hall Of Fame was also known in a much broader sense in pop culture. Some people might not realize how amazing a competitor Vader was in the ring because they will always know him as Frankie's father on Boy Meets World.

Big Van Vader had several appearances in the popular sitcom playing Frankie Stecchino's father on the popular TGIF sitcom. Characters on Boy Meets World might have called Frankie "The Enforcer" but he was nothing compared to Leon White who showed up on many occasions paying Frankie's pro wrestler dad.

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Ethan Suplee, the man behind Frankie shared a few awesome pictures of Vader on the set of Boy Meets World while saying how sad it was to learn of his passing. Vader changed a lot for the pro wrestling business. But it's also really important to realize how many he touched outside of pro wrestling during his time on this earth.

Playing Frankie The Enforcer's father on Boy Meets World for a handful of episodes might not seem like that big of a deal but for those who remember those moments as amazing parts of their childhood, it made all the difference.

RIP Vader and thank you for everything, in and outside of the ring.