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Brandi Rhodes addresses her critics in outstanding fashion

Brandi Rhodes is a passionate individual and pro wrestling is a labor of love for her. She never got the chance to really explore the craft of professional wrestling during her time with WWE because they just called her Eden told her to be a ring announcer. But Brandi obviously wanted so much more and she got it after following Cody Rhodes out of WWE and into a brand new world.

It’s hard to imagine what it is like to put everything you have into something and still receive so much criticism. But Brandi Rhodes keeps on and despite the fact she had her collarbone broken in two places while wrestling in Japan, she isn’t letting that slow her down.

Brandi Rhodes recently decided to address her haters on Twitter where she told them that she doesn’t wrestle because she has to but it’s what she loves to do. In the process of pursuing her pro wrestling career, Rhodes had to pass up “countless acting and modeling opportunities to make shows” and that sacrifice probably isn’t over yet.

She concluded her statement with a plea for people to respect the efforts of talents in the ring. Hopefully, her words hit home with some people who still discredit her no matter how much work she puts in.

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