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Brandi Rhodes explains why she left WWE, comments on if she has any animosity towards the company



Former WWE ring announcer and now TNA wrestler Brandi Rhodes recently appeared on the Wrestling Compadres Slamcast to talk about various topics. During the interview, she was asked if she or Cody Rhodes decided to leave WWE first. She noted that she knew she was working on SmackDown but never knew if she was on RAW due to so many backstage correspondences. With not knowing if she would work that day, it made her think if she wanted to be with the company. “It was me who brought it up first that I didn’t want to work for WWE anymore. Cody wasn’t even there yet as far as wanting to leave. It was more like, I had to approach him and let him know that my contract was ending, and his was nowhere near done.” She said that part of her issues was that if she wasn’t going to be a ring announcer then why was she there.

She noted that because she was the SmackDown ring announcer, then she could be free to do other things. She said that it was a great job but having to be on the road 5-6 days a week was too much for her because she was only being used as a ring announcer. She stated that she was originally brought into the company for the Rhodes Industries gimmick that never happened. She added that once Cody started doing the Stardust character, he couldn’t get out of the gimmick and described it like it was a drug as they were stuck. Rhodes stated that it was a lot easier to leave the company once Cody decided to leave as well. “When I went there I told them that we needed to have a meeting, and they said, Yeah, we already figured you were going to. I let them know that I wasn’t leaving necessarily because Cody left, although since he already left it had something to do with it.” Brandi stated that she had a month and a half on her contract and that she told WWE if they needed her to stay for the rest of that time she would but thought that it was better to get an end date and get to it.

When asked if she has any animosity towards the WWE, Brandi stated that she would never snub anyone that worked for the company because she doesn’t have a reason to do that. She felt like a lot of things weren’t handled properly during a grieving situation (Dusty Rhodes’ passing) because no one knows how to handle that. “Some felt that ignoring it was the best thing to do, but it wasn’t. Some thought that talking about it all the time was the best thing, but that didn’t work either.”

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You can listen to the interview here.