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Brandi Rhodes provides update after surgery and throws a little shade

It’s strange how WWE kept Brandi Rhodes around for so long as a ring announcer named Eden and never let her wrestle. Because she’s turned out to be an incredibly tough competitor.

We previously reported how Brandi Rhodes had a pretty bad injury where she suffered two bone breaks during some intense competition in Japan. She actually wrestled two matches with these injuries which is quite impressive.

But Brandi updated fans to let them know she completed surgery and sent her husband back on the road because she won’t let him miss a show because of her unfortunate situation. She also went on to briefly address those who were critical of her performance in the ring. One could also interpret that last line saying, “I’ve never hurt anyone, including myself” to mean someone hurt her especially considering how she said they trust others with their bodies in the ring.

It might be a little while before she can get back into the ring but there’s nothing stopping Brandi because she has the passion and motivation to do some big things once she’s ready to go once more.

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