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Braun Strowman apologizes to Karen Jarrett over bar incident, begs her not to say anything to Kurt Angle



The following story sounds like it came from The Onion or but it really did happen. The Wrestling Observer newsletter is reporting that some GFW people and WWE people ended up at the same bar when the WWE crew was in town on 7/17 for Raw.

Karen Jarrett walked up to Braun Strowman and asked for an autograph for one of her sons because Strowman is one of his favorite wrestlers. The belief is that Strowman did not know who Karen Jarrett was and he is usually a fun loving guy. This time though he was said to be rude and may have said a curse word to her. The part about him swearing came from someone who was on the other side of the bar but everyone in the bar saw what happened afterward.

Karen flipped out and got really loud at him for blowing her off and, at one point, said that she would be telling her son's father (Kurt Angle) about what he did. Strowman immediately apologized and begged her not to tell Kurt or anyone and even offered to get on his knees in front of a lot of WWE wrestlers. Karen fired back and said that he was now acting that way because he found out that Kurt Angle is her son's father but pointed out that he should not have acted the way he did to any mother asking for an autograph for her son. Strowman agreed and said that she was right and apologized.

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By the time this story makes the rounds online, some people might deny it but there were a lot of wrestlers at the bar that saw what happened.

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