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Braun Strowman apparently turned face again at WWE live event in Boston

Braun Strowman is apparently a babyface again. At least that is how it came across last night at the WWE live event in Boston.

Towards the end of the show, Strowman walked down to the ring  and attacked Dolph Ziggler (while saving The Shield) and he acted like a total good guy as fans cheered his actions.

We’ll see if this sticks but this falls in line with what they’ve been doing on television. As reported last week in the Wrestling Observer, WWE has plans for Dean Ambrose but the writers currently do not have an endgame for the Strowman, McIntyre and Ziggler storyline. It’s clear that McIntyre will be a singles star with WWE but all of the teases in recent weeks do not necessarily mean that he will be turning soon.

Strowman is still advertised to take on Reigns at some upcoming live events so this face turn could be temporary. Hopefully, he doesn’t end up turning 36 times throughout his career like the Big Show.

You can see Strowman’s apparent turn below:

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