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Braun Strowman considers two WWE stars his wrestling dad and grandpa



Braun Strowman opened up about Big Show and Undertaker, and their influence on him while doing an interview with Sports Illustrated.

The Undertaker and Big Show have played a big role in Strowman's WWE career. Over the years, Big Show has put over Strowman a few times and Strowman has had the chance of teaming up with Taker in his career.

In this interview, Strowman called Big Show his "wrestling dad" and The Undertaker his "wrestling grandpa" due to the advice that they have given him over the years.

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“I always say that Big Show is my wrestling dad, and I know Undertaker won’t like this, but ’Taker is my wrestling grandpa. It’s unfathomable how much ’Taker has shared with me, and it makes me think of when I first started on Raw.”

Strowman also talked about his weight loss, character, and more. Check out the full interview here.