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Braun Strowman drops hint at potential Bray Wyatt feud



Braun Strowman recently dropped a hint a potential feud against someone that he knows quite well in Bray Wyatt.

As of late, Wyatt continues to show off his new character through the Firefly Funhouse vignettes, which are weird segments that look like a kids show with Wyatt as the host.

Strowman was introduced to WWE fans on the main roster when he was added to The Wyatt Family that included Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan. While doing an interview with The Express, Strowman noted that he can see sharing the ring in a program with Wyatt.

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“I’m really enjoying seeing where Bray Wyatt’s new character is gonna blossom into fruition.” Bray brought Braun in as the “Black Sheep” of the Wyatt family before he exploded into his own successful singles career. “You never know, one of these days you might see Bray Wyatt standing across the ring with The Monster he had to make.”