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Braun Strowman forgot lines during his promo on WWE Raw



Last Monday on WWE Raw, they promised a face-to-face confrontation but they never really delivered on what was advertised. It was an odd segment that consisted of Lesnar walking down the ramp and around the ring and then back up the ramp. When Lesnar got to the ring you could see him say something to the cameraman. The segment ended with Strowman simply saying that he will beat Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. It was odd but thankfully they still have time to build it before their match and Lesnar is scheduled to appear on the go-home show so they can do a physical angle at that time.

Apparently, the segment didn't go exactly as they had hoped because someone forgot their lines. In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that as Lesnar was walking up the ramp, Strowman yelled at him to turn around and that is when Strowman missed a few cues and forgot some of his lines.

For those of you wondering, the reason why the segment seemed odd with Lesnar and Strowman not touching each other, it's because Strowman has yet to be cleared since getting elbow surgery. Apparently, WWE feels that he will be ready in time for the Royal Rumble which is why they are going forward with their storyline.

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