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Braun Strowman reacts to Bray Wyatt’s Hell in a Cell challenge

A local advertisement for the upcoming WWE Hell in a Cell PPV event mentioned that Bray Wyatt has issued a challenge to Seth Rollins or Braun Strowman for a Hell in a Cell match at this show.

Although not confirmed, with this challenge, it appears that Strowman will be challenging the winner of the Universal Title match between Rollins and Strowman that takes place next month at the Clash of Champions PPV event.

Strowman took to his official Twitter account to react to the news. He wrote the following:

“If the student has to teach the teacher then so be it!!!!  He can get these hands like anybody else. #LetTheGamesBegin #MyDoorsOpenComeOnIn.”

Wyatt then responded to Strowman’s tweet with, “Lol. Come teach me baby boy. I love you , I’ve never lost to Seth, and I don’t care if I die. Literally.”


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