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Braun Strowman reflects on becoming WWE Universal Champion after WrestleMania plans changed



Braun Strowman did an interview with SportsKeeda to discuss a wide range of topics.

In the interview, Strowman looked back on his run as WWE Universal Champion. Of course, Roman Reigns was supposed to challenge then-champion Goldberg for the strap at WrestleMania 37 earlier this year.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and a lot of what WWE had planned for WrestleMania 37 changed including this match. Reigns went home to be with his family and was on hiatus for several months.

When Goldberg needed a new opponent and someone to take the title from him, WWE officials called Strowman into action.

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Strowman knows it was an opportunity that he initially wasn't going to have, but was given it due to the circumstances mentioned above. He stated that when given an opportunity, he takes it and tries to do it to the best of his ability.

Strowman stated that he still idolizes Goldberg to this day after being a longtime fan. He noted that wrestling Goldberg was amazing.

“It's so humbling to shut up people that doubt you. I think my reign as Universal Champion, for what it was in such short notice, I stepped up and did my job.”

He thinks he put the company on his back and carried WWE through everything.

“I put my well-being on the line to come to work and entertain our fans. At the end of the day, there are people all over the world looking for an escape, for a way to forget about what is going on in real life and the world. If I had the opportunity to take their minds off even for 30 seconds, then I did my job. I will stick to my word - I am honored and I think I did a damn good job as Universal Champion."