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Braun Strowman says WWE is not paying him during coronavirus crisis



Braun Strowman is not backing down from his comments about independent wrestlers that are being affected financially by the coronavirus outbreak. Click here if you missed what he said earlier about indie wrestlers.

A fan tweeted at him and asked what he would do if he was going without pay during the outbreak. Strowman responded and claimed that he is not getting paid. He said this despite the fact that WWE wrestler contracts have a downside guarantee so, unless his deal was structured differently than everyone else, he should be getting a paycheck from WWE.

Strowman tweeted, "I am and it sucks but I’m still working with charity’s to help get funds and supplies to people that can’t physically can’t go out and do it."

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Strowman added, "I get paid when I work. Private contractor. So nothing is coming in at the moment"

And just to make sure his comments were clear, he was asked if he is being paid anything by WWE at the moment. Strowman responded, "Nope."

The latest tweets were followed up with fans and reporter David Bixenspan telling him that he could and should be getting his downside guarantee.

Sometimes it's better to lay low on social media rather than digging a deeper hole.