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Braun Strowman's amazing weight loss (photo), Eric Bischoff shoots down WWE rumors



- Braun Strowman has received some "fat-shaming" comments from fans online, and he has had enough of it. Strowman took to his personal Instagram account to show off his current physique. He posted this:

“Here's for all the internet#Nerds that say I'm #Fat weighed myself today 377 lbs #ImSoFat#HatersGonnaHate #GetOnMyLevel#ThickBrother #Strongman #wwe#Themountain #who #ImTheMonster#GOT #GameOfThrones”

- There have been some rumors that Eric Bischoff would be returning to WWE TV as the GM of RAW or SmackDown when the Brand Extension starts on July 19th. Bischoff took to Twitter to shoot down the rumors:

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It should be noted that the belief is that Shane McMahon will be in charge of one brand and Stephanie will be in charge of the other brand.

- Renee Young noted on Twitter that her "Unfiltered" WWE Network show is just now at the half-way point of the second season. Expect more episodes of the show to air on the WWE Network in the coming weeks.