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Bray Wyatt left a secret message in his old promos

Bray Wyatt is having fun with his new gimmick and playing it up with fans on social media.

For years now, Wyatt has been known for sending out cryptic messages on his official Twitter account. Recently, Wyatt posted a message about how he had hidden a secret message among eight consecutive backstage promos in 2015 but fans never picked up on it.

“Fun game time! Bet you didn’t know that in 2015 I did 8 consecutive (backstage) promos where one sentence didn’t belong in each of them. But together they make up a secret message, no one ever found it. You guys never look hard enough. First one to get it wins a prize!”

Wyatt returned to television last month after being gone since last summer to do two Firefly Fun House vignettes that are weird segments that look like a kids show with Wyatt as the host.

A fan responded to Wyatt’s tweet by stating that this is a waste of time and that there is no prize for fans. However, Wyatt assured him it was not.

“It took years before a brilliant fan found the Fibonacci sequence within a TOOL album. I have been patient, and you are incorrect.”


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