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Bray Wyatt mental health rumors have been debunked



Windham Rotunda's (Bray Wyatt) release from WWE on July 31 added fuel to rumors about his health but apparently, the rumors are unfounded.

The rumors gained steam over the summer because Wyatt hasn't wrestled much in 2021 and had not wrestled since WrestleMania. His last appearance was during a Firefly Fun House on the night after Raw that seemed to foreshadow changes for his character. Some say that in hindsight, it looked like he may have been foreshadowing his exit from WWE.

There was a story circulating a while back claiming that it was mental health issues that were keeping him from returning to action with WWE. Fightful is reporting that sources connected to Wyatt confirmed that the rumors about his mental health were indeed false.

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It was also confirmed that Wyatt is 100 percent healthy and he was scheduled to return tonight at Raw in Orlando. Wyatt had been advertised for events in August after recently getting cleared.

Earlier tonight, Wyatt sent out a tweet that seems to tease a dramatically different version of his character. Since he is no longer with WWE, it has to be assumed that he will debut a new character and new name elsewhere whenever his non-compete expires.

Click here to see Wyatt's social media tease that has fans speculating on a new version of his character.