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Bray Wyatt reacts to report that cites a WWE source saying he deserved to be released

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Windham Rotunda, former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt, apparently has plans to speak about his time in WWE and the reason why he is no longer working for them.

Ringside News reported that a WWE source said the following on Rotunda: "Not being an apologist or a WWE defender, just telling you like it is. If you were running a business, and Windham was on your payroll, you’d release him, too. Between his backstage antics and the way he handled himself when making millions and millions while medically flagged, he really deserved to be released."

Rotunda reacted to that story with a GIF or The Rock and then said in a follow-up tweet: "Now that we have Johnny and Bruce’s opinion, I would like to share mine soon."

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"Johnny and Bruce" is referencing WWE executives John Laurinaitis and Bruce Prichard.

Rotunda is officially a free agent and can sign with any wrestling promotion. There's been talk of interest from Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling but Rotunda is keeping his cards close to the vest on what his next move will be.

Andrew Zarian reported on the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast that WWE felt that Rotunda was "difficult" and there were issues with his weight along with issues with his performance in the ring.

Whatever the real story is behind his release, it's clear that it was more than just a budget issue and it looks like we will get Rotunda's side of the story in the near future.