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Bray Wyatt reacts to The Wyatt family being snubbed in recent WWE poll

It looks like former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt is going to take a break from social media for a while.

Wyatt took to Twitter to announce that he will be “going away for now” to find himself. He also said that it’s “things like this” that make him do the things he does. He included a photo of a WWE poll ranking the best factions in the history of the company from numbers one to ten.

Factions such as The Undisputed Era, The Freebirds, Nexus, The Hart Foundation, The New Day, Evolution, DX, NWO, The Four Horsemen and The Shield were included. Noticeably, Wyatt’s old Wyatt Family faction was nowhere in site:

“I’m going away now. To find myself. But when I am back, I want you all to remember things like this, that make me do the things I do.”

The Wyatt Family is certainly one of the more popular and successful factions in WWE history. The argument could be made that they’re better than some of the factions WWE decided to list. It will be interesting to see what Wyatt does in response to this on WWE TV.


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