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Bray Wyatt reportedly had issues with WWE management over his "burned Fiend" suit



There are more details coming out from Bray Wyatt's run in WWE and depending on who you talk to, Wyatt was difficult to work with or people in management were difficult.

The latest update from Fightful states that Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) was frustrated with the direction of The Fiend character and specifically after the angle where The Fiend was burned by Randy Orton.

Fightful reports that Wyatt was frustrated with the size, weight and movement of the "Burned Fiend" suit, and reportedly the creative team agreed that the suit was too heavy and that it was going to look bad and difficult to move inside of it. The first idea for the suit was scrapped because of this.

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While the claim from WWE management was that Wyatt was released due to budget cuts, people in the company did not believe this and there's a feeling that there were other issues that led to his release.

Wyatt is now free to sign with any wrestling company and has indicated on Twitter that he may speak out soon to give his side of the story on what went down during his final days and months in WWE. Andrew Zarian recently reported that WWE sources claimed that Wyatt was difficult to work with and his weight was an issue.