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Triple H has brought back several released stars since taking over main roster creative from Vince McMahon, including Bray Wyatt.

Now that Wyatt has returned to WWE, there are two people he wants to work with now that he’s back, according to WrestleVotes, a Twitter account that has broken various stories in the past.

Erick Rowan, formerly part of The Wyatt Family, and Bray’s real-life brother, Bo Dallas, are the names. The report suggested that Wyatt has so much sway in the company right now because of his popularity that higher-ups in WWE would bring them back if those two stars were interested.

“There’s people that Bray likes people he wants to work with,” WrestleVotes told GiveMeSport‘s Louis Dangoor. “Bo Dallas is one of them and so is Erick Rowan. If Erick wants to come back, I’m sure they’d allow that, if Bray also wanted it.”

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