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Bray Wyatt rumors have led to a surge in ticket sales for WWE Hell in a Cell

Bray Wyatt's (Windham Rotunda) recent Twitter activity has led to speculation that he could be returning to WWE sometime tonight at Hell in a Cell or tomorrow on Monday Night Raw. While nothing is confirmed, I do know that there was talk in WWE a couple of months ago that the company wanted to bring him back. Whether that happens or not is yet to be determined.

Dave Meltzer reported today that ticket demand for tonight's show on the secondary market has been through the roof even with the weak card. Meltzer said that he's heard from people who believe that the demand is due to the Wyatt rumors.

Earlier this week, Rotunda changed his Twitter name to "WYATT 6" and that is what sparked the rumors. Rotunda is in a good position for a good money offer to return because they need more top names on the main roster as Roman Reigns is on a reduced schedule and even more so if Cody Rhodes needs to take time off because of his torn pec. Several days back, Rotunda tweeted, "Patience. It's almost time."

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