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Bray Wyatt says he is going away

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Bray Wyatt says he is going away

Bray Wyatt has disappeared from WWE television in recent weeks because Matt Hardy is no longer wrestling due to his back injury. However, Wyatt has continued to work on live events but that has not stopped the rumor mill from speculating on his future in WWE.

On Friday, Wyatt indicated that he would be stepping away for a while after WWE omitted The Wyatt Family from their top 10 list of best factions of all time. Wyatt said, “I’m going away now. To find myself. But when I am back, I want you all to remember things like this, that make me do the things I do.”

Some fans took that to mean that he was going to reform The Wyatt Family or perhaps a new stable with a new group of wrestlers. Others took it as Wyatt hinting at his exit from WWE. In fact, a couple of websites even speculated that he would be leaving the company.

A couple of readers pointed out that Wyatt recently launched a new Instagram account @thewindhamrotunda that focuses primarily on his real life outside of WWE.

The truth is that Wyatt has a lot of time left on his WWE deal and he isn’t going anywhere and anything posted on his Twitter account should be taken with a grain of salt because he is always in character.

WWE’s roster is stacked and it’s getting harder for wrestlers to get TV time but there are plans for Wyatt and he’s not going anywhere.

The time away from television might be a good thing for him because his tag team with Hardy was getting stale. The current incarnation of the Bray Wyatt character was getting stale so hopefully, WWE has something creative for him when he returns to Monday Night Raw.

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