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Bray Wyatt sends message to critics

Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt continues to post messages, warnings, and cryptic tweets on his official Twitter account.

Wyatt returned to television in April after being gone since last summer to do a series of Firefly Funhouse vignettes that are weird segments that look like a kids show with Wyatt as the host.

While most fans have praised these segments, there are some who are critical of it and question where this storyline is leading towards. Some fans have expressed concern that Wyatt’s return to in-ring action will lead to the WWE going back to not pushing him as strongly as they are now.

This led to Wyatt taking to his official Twitter account to send a message to those critics by writing the following:

“I want to make you smile. I’m glad I have. But please don’t be silly enough to forget what I can do, when I want to. When will you all learn to never doubt me? What we do from now on will change everything. Promise. Ive had too much time to think. No mistakes.”

“Too much time, with too many critics rambling on about what I am capable of. You will see. This time is different. I’m not afraid anymore. I have Fiend now. And Fiend is ready. Yowie Wowie I’ll pray for you.”


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