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Bray Wyatt offers to help Matt Hardy

Bray Wyatt sent out an interesting message on social media about Matt Hardy. 

The future of Hardy appears to be clear as many believe that Hardy is on his way out of WWE when his contract expires in March. 

The former WWE Tag Team Champion has been hinting at this direction in videos as part of a series on his YouTube channel and tweets.

It’s been reported that money isn’t an issue for Hardy when trying to decide whether he will sign a new deal with the company. Instead, it’s about what the company has planned for him on television. For more on that, click here. 

Wyatt took to his official Twitter account where he sent out the following: 

“dear matt, i couLd nEver hurT you i  could heal you, just like you did for Me whEn the world threw me away you were the only one offering to pick me up and I Never forget…..”

Wyatt had been paired with Matt Hardy but that tag team was forced to be split up back in August 2018. Since that time, Wyatt has transformed his character with the introduction of The Fiend.

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