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Bray Wyatt shares funny story about Sid Vicious destroying his toy when he was a child



Bray Wyatt took to social media to share an interesting story from his time as a kid that involved Sid Vicious.

Wyatt, a second-generation star, reflected on a time when he was a child and playing with a Rocketeer toy in the WCW locker room. Unfortunately, at the time, Sid thought the young man was loudly playing with the toy. Once being told by the pro wrestler about this annoyance, Wyatt flipped him off and Sid broke the toy.

Wyatt told the full story in this post on Twitter:

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“When I was a kid I was playing in a WCW locker room somewhere with a brand new Rocketeer toy. Psycho Sid Vicious thought I was being too loud and I was annoying him. So I shot him the bird, like a man. And he promptly destroyed my Rocketeer toy. Today nearly 30 years later my great friend @bakingjason bought me a new Rocketeer toy and restored my faith in humanity. And guess what Sid, I’m the man now and you….. still suck!”

Wyatt and WWE ring announcer Jojo just welcomed their second child into the world. You can see photos of the couple with their new baby here.