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Bray Wyatt talks about his feud with Randy Orton, being drafted to SmackDown Live, Kane

Bray Wyatt recently spoke with The Mirror to promote the upcoming WWE UK Tour in November. During the interview, Wyatt was asked about being drafted to SmackDown Live back on July 19th in the WWE Draft.

“Extremely happy, because SmackDown is the better show, period. Bottom line. It’s a better show and type of product. All the big dogs are over here on SmackDown. It’s been very, very good for me and very good for everyone on it. We view it as a war you know, it’s a war with Raw and we’re winning. It’s just a better show man.”

Currently, Wyatt is feuding with Randy Orton on WWE television. Wyatt believes that this feud came up in the right time for both of them.

“I think me and Randy have got in a collision course at the right time on SmackDown. I have history with Randy Orton that I don’t even really want to remember ha ha. I think a lot of people wanted to see me and Randy for a long time. I think we’re very similar but very different in the same way, we’re both categorised as some kind of weird sickos ha ha. But I welcome those kind of titles. Getting into this with Randy Orton, I expect to come out victorious, I want to go out there and beat a legend. And he’s a legend and a legend killer baby. Going out there with him is something I always wanted to do. Things are going smooth, getting Luke Harper back and getting the first W over him, that’s a good start and now I’ve just got to end his career.”

Wyatt and Orton were scheduled to wrestle at the Backlash PPV event in September but the match didn’t happen due to Orton being out with a concussion. Instead, Wyatt faced Kane in a No Holds Barred Match. Wyatt was asked if he enjoys wrestling that kind of match.

“Oh that’s for me. I think over the years and when I’m done, whenever my tenure is through here, I think the matches of mine that will be remembered the most will be those. I don’t really see myself as someone who cares too much about my own well-being, because I don’t. I’m like a kamikaze missile, you know? I’ve just got to go – to the death. That’s me in those type of matches. I think those are definitely my favourite type of matches. When people go in there with me, they expect a certain kind of physicality, as I hope the fans would. Those street fights and things of that nature, those are what made me and that’s where I’ve made my home and I’m going to stay there.”

You can read the entire interview here.


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