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Bray Wyatt talks about his health, wrestling again, origins of Firefly Fun House, why he is in Dallas



As noted earlier, former WWE star Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) noted on Instagram that he has arrived in Dallas and he took some time to answer some fan questions.

Here is what he said during the Q&A:

On why he's in Dallas:

"I’m here for @officialwrestlecon. But it’s whatever man. ‘Tis the season."

On wrestling again:

"I will always love wrestling. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life without stepping in the ring again and hearing that roar again. I think about it often. Everything has to be in place though. Like I said, timing is everything.""

On the origins of the Firefly Fun House:

"The Firefly Funhouse, at least the early ones, are a story about my life. I told you stories in there that happened live on television and many that you could never know. It was confessions. They were short, stylized documentaries about my life. That’s why they connected. They weren’t just about wrestling. They were an origin story. What I really went through, my struggles, my vices, my comeback, and the war that wages on. I hid so much on there just because I wanted people feel when they watched. Because believe me, I had every emotion fathomable during the making of those. My life, my art."

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On his health:

"I have never been more healthy both physically and mentally. I have been able to challenge myself with projects that would’ve never been possible before. This is a happy time for me. But I have to be patient. Timing is everything."

He was asked to explain what is the Cult of Windham:

"You'll see."

On the most important life lesson he's learned:

"Business is about thinking with your head not your heart. So I suck at business."

What’s on your mind? Revenge? Proving your worth? Letting your ability do the speaking?:

"At first it was all I could think about. But revenge is a confession of pain. And I was hurting. I was angry. And then I healed. I remembered that every single time in my life that I have been challenged I come back better. I’m no stranger to pain, nothing has ever been easy for me, nothing was ever given. But people should know by now, you should never ever ever fuckin doubt what I am capable of."

He ended the Q&A with, "Thank you everyone! I'll see you this week."