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Bray Wyatt teases change to WWE Universal Title belt design


Now that Bray Wyatt is the WWE Universal Champion, WWE has made big changes to where its two top titles are placed on each brand. 

Wyatt beat Seth Rollins to win the Universal Title at Thursday’s (October 31, 2019) WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the King Fahd International Stadium on the WWE Network. 

As a result, since he’s a SmackDown star, Wyatt will remain on the blue brand and is taking the title with him. 

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Moving along, since WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is a champion as well, WWE moved him to Raw and did so via a storyline where he quit SmackDown in order to get revenge on Rey Mysterio. 

Wyatt took to his official Twitter account where he teased making a change to the design of the Universal Title. You can see his tweet here, which was referencing a picture of a custom made belt he had made for him in 2017: