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Breaking down CM Punk and AJ Lee’s testimony during fifth day of trial

CM Punk took the stand once again today in the court case against him where Dr. Chris Amann is suing for $1 million in damages after Punk allegedly damaged his reputation greatly after a 2-part podcast with Colt Cabana.

While on the stand, CM Punk said he has no clear memory of showing his lump to Colt Cabana and nobody saw the lump during the podcast recording. He said there are no photos of the lump in question either and said “it could’ve been September,” when asked the when the earliest the lump might have surfaced.

During his testimony, Punk said he never showed his infamous lump to Dr. Samson in November 2013 and Punk later confirmed the lump changed colors in December 2013.

He said his lump was nickel-shaped during the Fall of 2013 but refused to acknowledge how big it as when he saw Dr. Amann. Dr. Chris Amann and CM Punk got kind of argumentative with each other over the size of the lump and the usage of the term “doc” during the podcast to describe another person in the story.

When he was encouraged to tell the difference between a full-blown staph infection and a little one Punk replied, “I don’t know the difference between a little bit of staph and a lot of staph” as Amann’s attorney continued to push Punk on the exact size of the lump Punk claimed to have on his back.

After confirming that he denied having a culture done on his lump he said that no doctor called it MRSA during his time with them. He said, “it’s all the same to me,” when referring to the difference between MRSA and staph but stuck by his story that he felt liquid on his back and neck during the lancing which is why he said it was spraying all over the room because he felt it.

The entire case about the lump was an attempt to discredit it and his statement that it was “baseball-sized” during the Art Of Wrestling podcast. Therefore, a lot of questions had to do with Punk admitting that things like nickles and golf balls are smaller than a baseball. At one point he admitted that the didn’t put any coins, sporting equipment, or eggs on his back to compare size. But Punk confirmed his stories about rib pain, coughing, lack of sleep and other symptoms.

CM Punk said his lump was actually on his butt and he kept saying it was on his back the entire time during the podcast because it sounded better than him making an entire story about a lump on his butt. Then he admitted he never signed a HIPPA release which could land Dr. Chris Amann in hot water later on.

When AJ Lee took the stand she confirmed beginning a relationship with CM Punk in August 2013 and she was present on the European Tour witnessing all of the symptoms Punk was complaining about on that tour.

Lee said she saw the lump several times beginning in August 2013 and it was on Punk’s “left butt.” The first time she saw the lump it was “zit sized” and the lump was at its biggest during the 2014 Royal Rumble.

AJ Lee couldn’t confirm CM Punk’s feelings toward his doctors but said she never knew if Punk would have a procedure or not to take care of his lump. She also said that she was surprised Amann didn’t see the lump on CM Punk’s butt as a problem sooner.

As this case drags into another week hopefully the end is in sight. After all, they are running out of ways to come at this story. After all, it will all come down to a jury’s decision and only time will tell how that will turn out.


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