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BREAKING NEWS: Paige reportedly quits WWE (updated)

UPDATE: Paige is still with WWE, for now. Click here for details.

ORIGINAL: Front Row Brian, who has broken many stories in the past and has tons of contacts within pro wrestling and MMA, is reporting that Paige has quit WWE.

We noted on Thursday morning that Paige has hired legal representation but there were no other details at the time of our post. Back in June, Alberto Del Rio had his lawyer inform WWE of his desire to opt out of his contract so when I heard that Paige hired legal representation, it sounded like she was also on her way out of the company. FRB has confirmed that she has quit and the issue she has with WWE is that she has a contract that extends several years.

I am not sure what that means exactly but I believe her deal expires in 2019. This sounds like it will get messy. WWE is not known for letting talent work elsewhere until they’ve finished out their contract.

Alberto Del Rio will be holding a press conference on Friday in Mexico to address his future.

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