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Bret Hart files $1 million lawsuit after alleged botched surgery

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Bret Hart files $1 million lawsuit after alleged botched surgery

Former WWE Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart has filed a lawsuit for $1 million, according to a report in the Calgary Sun.

Hart underwent surgery on his wrist two years ago to deal with a wrist injury that had been bothering him for many years. The lawsuit says that Dr. Justin Yeung advised Hart that surgery could be performed by doing a partial fusion of the wrist bones.

Six weeks after the surgery, Hart had three pins removed and complained about ongoing swelling and pain. Even worse, his index finger and thumb “did not function.” Yeung allegedly told him to continue to wait to see how he heals. The lawsuit states that “The defendants were negligent, breached the duties of care they owed to Mr. Hart and breached their agreement with (him).”

Also, according to the lawsuit, the defendants left “a tourniquet on Mr. Hart’s right arm on too long, such that the circulation of the nerves and tendons to his right thumb and index finger were damaged by a prolonged insufficient supply of oxygen.” As a result of this, Hart is not able to participate in previous recreational and social activities. Long-time fans of Hart know drawing is one of his hobbies.

The lawsuit also states that Hart is “unable to properly dress himself without assistance.”

Hart underwent a second surgery in Vancouver but it’s now known yet what the outcome is for that procedure.

Visit the Calgary Sun for more on this story.

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