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Bret Hart has cleared things up with Ric Flair

Bret “The Hitman” Hart took to Twitter last night to clear things up after some comments were dug up and used this week in news articles.

Flair, assuming that Hart’s comments were recent, took issue with what was said. Flair said the following during a pop-up interview with Conrad Thompson on “He’s mad at Goldberg one week, mad at me the next, something I didn’t do. I was repetitive,” said Flair [h/t/ PWMania]. “Well, you wrestle an hour every night 280 times [a year], which he wouldn’t know nothing about, and you’re gonna get slammed off the top, that’s called taking a bump. How many press slams did you take, Bret? None.”

Hart noted on Twitter that he did not do an interview recently and comments from a long time ago were being used this week to paint him as being bitter at his friends.

Hart said the following:

“I know my comments at times can be unpopular or, at the very least, spark debate in the wrestling world, but it’s become apparent to me that someone is saying I did an interview with them recently but using old quotes of mine from way back.”

“I very, very rarely do wrestling podcasts, and I’m aware of what interviews I have done since the pandemic started. Anyone that is advertising that I did their podcast recently is flat out lying. For the record, I reached out to Ric and we’ve cleared the air with each other.”

“I consider Ric a friend of mine and, considering I have very few friends left in the business, I want to keep it that way.”

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