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Bret Hart says "Kevin Nash can go to hell" for recent comments about him

Bret Hart Kevin Nash

During a Q&A in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday for Inside The Ropes, Bret Hart addressed Kevin Nash's recent comments about him.

Hart previously said that he was offered to be the head of the Kliq sometime in the mid-90s. Nash fired back on Twitter and said that was not true. Nash also claimed that Hart said the Montreal Screwjob was a work.

In the video below, Hart says Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash approached him in Germany about being the head of the Kliq to take control of the top matches.

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Hart said that there were plenty of guys that deserved better spots and the Kliq wanted to overlook those guys.

"What I said last night in Belfast is absolutely true and Kevin Nash can go to hell," Hart said.

Hart said he knows the exact day and time when the Kliq offer was presented to him and he says he knows who was there at the time. You can hear exactly what Bret said in the video below:

For what it's worth, Sean Waltman chimed in and confirmed that Bret was approached about being in the Kliq but he says he wasn't asked about being the head of the Kliq.