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Bret Hart says Owen Hart is a serious consideration for the WWE Hall of Fame next year

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart appeared at the Legends of Wrestling event this past weekend for a Q&A session with his fans. Here are the highlights.

Do you think Owen Hart should go into the WWE Hall of Fame?

“Right now, it’s a serious consideration for next year.”

Who are some of the wrestlers you would have loved to face?

“Oh, there’s a lot of guys. I would have really liked to have wrestled John Cena, for starters. I think I would have had some great matches with John, just my style matched up against his style. Kurt Angle is another guy. I would have loved to work with CM Punk for sure. You know, I could just go on naming guys, a lot of the wrestlers. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, there’s so many, I could go on all night. Brock Lesnar would be another guy I would have loved to work once, it would have been an interesting match up, there’s a ton of guys. And probably the Bella Twins in a handicap bikini match.”

Who do you think some of the best wrestlers in the game today?

“Best wrestler today, I mean if you take it pound-for-pound I think Tyson Kidd is the most accomplished and most creative wrestler out there. But you can’t take anything away Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, I think they really raised the bar, to me, they were phenomenal wrestlers. The young guys today, I’m going to talk about Cody Rhodes a lot because he’s really the excellence of execution in my opinion. Every move he does is really well done, he’s a really smart wrestler that’s really skilled and I enjoy watching him.”


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