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Bret Hart says that Scott Hall refused an autograph for a dying 6 year old

Bret Hart was interviewed on Wrestling Observer radio this week and talked about a bunch of subjects. Bret talked about the territory days, the Hart house, and went into some of the crazy things that happened in WCW. Bret also revealed that there were plans to have him wrestle Ultimate Warrior and Jake Roberts but before those programs started those guys were gone from the company. Bret also talked about some of the autograph signings he’s done. He talked about Scott Hall refusing to sign a birthday card for a dying 6 year old. He also talked about patching things up with Ric Flair. There were issues between the two of them stemming from things said in Ric Flair’s book. Bret learned later that Flair never actually read the book and a lot of what was said was just put in there and wasn’t what Flair really said. You can listen to the Observer radio interview with Bret by clicking here if you are a subscriber of the Observer site.

Below is the video of different wrestlers signing the birthday card for Danny, the 6 year old that was dying of cancer.

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