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Bret Hart went to the hospital last night after experiencing hip discomfort from attack

Bret Hart Natalya

Initial reports coming out of the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony suggested that Bret Hart was not seriously injured as he continued his speech after he was attacked last night.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Hart visited a hospital on Saturday night as he was experiencing hip discomfort from the fall when he was tackled. That would explain Sean Waltman's comment during his speech towards the end of the broadcast when he wondered if Hart was still in the building.

26-year old Zachary Madsen is set to be arraigned today in a Brooklyn, NY court for the assault. Madsen is being charged with two counts of third-degree assault and one count of criminal trespass and a violation of local law.

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We'll pass along an update on Bret Hart when we get it. Hart has not yet tweeted about the incident. WWE has posted several backstage interviews with each Hall Of Fame inductee after their speeches, except for Hart.