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Bret Hart: "What does Stephanie McMahon know about pro wrestling?"



Bret Hart is never shy about his thoughts regarding today's wrestling scene and he didn't hold back during a recent interview with House Money Studios' Alfred Konuwa for

The interview started with Hart talking about beating cancer and his recovery. He is back on track and he's been getting back to the gym. Hart has described himself as a survivor but unfortunately he can't say the same for some of his peers.

He says that he stays in touch with some of the wrestlers. He said that, of all of the tragedies in wrestling, he misses Roddy Piper more than anyone because of what Roddy did for him and his family over the years. Hart said that the majority of the wrestlers are gone because of their own mistakes and drugs. He said that Chyna was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He mentioned Lex Luger being in a wheelchair and Bobby Heenan dealing with throat cancer but they've been so positive and he thinks of Heenan as a hero to all of the wrestlers because he leads by example.

Hart talked about his company "Sharpshooter Funding." The company helps people get their business off the ground when they can't get financing. He credits his son Dallas, who is the company VP of Sales, for bringing the company to new heights in a short amount of time. His son Blade and family friend Shay are also involved with the company.

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Hart talked about the current wrestlers like Kevin Owens. He said that he's a fan of the real wrestlers but Triple H tends to go with the big bodies. He said that guys like Kevin Owens were overlooked at WrestleMania for Shane McMahon, Triple H and Roman Reigns and they put aside the guys that pulled the wagon all year long. He said that although Vince McMahon caters to the bodybuilders, McMahon loves wrestling and he's irreplaceable.

Bret says that he thinks that writers and people like Stepahanie think they know about wrestling. "What does Stephanie McMahon know about pro wrestling? I don't know." Hart said that he never saw her on the road or in the dressing room. He added, "I don't think that she fully understands pro wrestling the way Shane does."

The full interview is below.

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