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Brian Cage on why he never made the WWE main roster: ’because they’re idiots’

Lucha Underground Star Brian Cage was a guest Ring Rust Radio this week to promote the wrestling promotion. He spoke about his time in WWE, why he was never called up to the main roster while in WWE and more.

You spent time in WWE’s developmental territory, FCW. Despite having the ideal bodybuilder look the company is going for and being a great athlete, why do you think you never got the chance to show your skill on the main roster and would you be open to a return to WWE?

I’ll be straight and blunt with it, because they are idiots. They want something to hang their hat on and if you are not their guy they will let you go. Not going to pull any punches, but I would be totally open to going back to them. With many things permitting. I am not opposed to going back, but I don’t care if I ever go back. If I ever work for them cool, if I don’t my life is super happy and I am living the dream right now. I did love my time down there and things did go great.

There are quite a few nicknames that you go by, but one that’s started to pick up steam recently is Lucha Lesnar in reference to your similarities to Brock Lesnar. How do you think you compare to Brock, and what would your interest level be in terms of having a match with him one day?

That one was promoted by some fan and my mom thought it was totally hilarious. I like the name and I would love a match with Brock. He is my favorite guy to watch in WWE though I don’t get to watch much of it nowadays. I think it’s funny because he is a better wrestler now than when he left the ring the first time. His style now is more of a shoot, just the way he literally throws people around the ring for real. I would love to work him but I don’t know how similar our styles would match up. We both are huge beasts like individuals who are more athletic than we should be for our sizes. I don’t think there are many similarities in our styles. I think a match together would be amazing and I would love the opportunity.

You can listen to the entire interview down below:

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